About Us


The San Diego Strikers Soccer Club is a non-profit organization focused on the growth of youth soccer participation in the San Diego area. Our mission is to develop the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of all participants while providing opportunity for all young kids to play soccer in a safe and professional environment.  Additionally, we will strive to encourage the development of important life skills such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting, and fair play.


We believe every player has the aptitude to grow and develop to their fullest potential. We follow a grassroot model that uses the holistic approach of “person before player” to build trust and strong relationships between players and coaches.


Our coaches are all USSF licensed and risk management certified. Our coaches understand the various coaching tasks associated with coaching teams and strive to teach skill mastery, positive behaviors, and character-building values to all players.

Additionally, we believe the players will take their lead from the coach. Therefore, our coaches are aware of how important their role modeling and leadership responsibilities are and take every situation as an opportunity to model and educate our players about how vital it is to behave with respect and dignity under all circumstances.  


Our player development model is player centric aiming to develop each individual player’s game understanding, independent decision making, technical execution, confident initiative, and emotional control.

We understand the subtle differences between talent and potential. We are aware that players grow and mature at different rates and we make sure that the late bloomers are not prematurely disregarded by current needs. While we appreciate early developers showcasing their talent, we strive to cultivate late bloomers in a balanced competitive environment where players can play at their optimal challenge.


While we teach our players to strive to win games, we do not believe in a win at all cost attitude. Our values and beliefs are that game results are unpredictable, and they are not a reflection of the team, opponent, nor a reflection of the coach’s ability. We look to evaluate development and progress with self-reflection, based on individual performance to learn, grow, and evolve players’ potential.

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